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I recently purchased a new domain name and have updated my old blog to reflect a new comic called “Nina”. Roughly based off a short snippet, it depicts old and new characters a few years into the future where a trio of friends venture into a new land to discover the whereabouts of Dark Ones.

No’va is the fourth book in the series, but is the first for the new trilogy called Red Moon Rising. In this book, we see a younger version of Jenario before the creation of the Dark Horn. This introduces the first four humans into a world of magic they’ve only dreamed about, and will quickly find that magic is not always on their side. Books five and six will then pick up where the last trilogy left off. The first four chapters have been posted on my blog site: Wisdom Novels® Official Blog.

Wisdom Novels® is a series of books that follows a young magic-user trying to discover where he came from and what he is. It is a story that delves into the legend of the mythic unicorn, a forgotten race of Healers known as Lo-ans’rel, and the bird-like creatures known as Harma’Keyarx. Together, they race against time to stop a growing Darkness devouring the land due to the creation of the first male, black unicorn.





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