Design & Illustration


Cover for the first book in the Mierna Series.

GoateeVillian Panels



First design of Twitch panels and banners for a streamer.


This is not the first time Ms. Norkus has asked for cover art. This one, especially, came out very beautiful.


Reel Heroes

Agile Writers Press has had several book covers designed for several years. Each publication releases a different genre  with a different style to achieve.



“Having been used to doing artwork involving highly detailed illustrations, I never expected to come up with a style like this. I actually turned down the cover once. When the publisher asked me a second time because they couldn’t find anyone else, I gave it another shot. Glad I took it!” ~ Bonnie Watson (Cover Artist)




“The author and publisher both watched me LIVE over the internet while I changed this beat-up old place into a gold mine. They had their doubts at first, but I knew as soon as I saw it that this was the one!” ~ Bonnie Watson (Cover Artist)




This author wanted the style of the cover to match the style of the original poster. This book turned out to be a rewrite of a public domain piece. What’s even  better? The character is an alcoholic genius! (top image is the remake)




Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00070]

The complete Blue Moon Rising Trilogy from Wisdom Novels® is the first in the series. The fourth book is currently being written, and is the creation from the artist herself, Ms. Bonnie Watson.



Cover completed January 2017, and is this author’s first book. Congratulations!


Mercai Logo

Logo creation for a Skin Care company.


Logo creation for Agile Writers.


Open House Sweets, an independent candy business.


This was originally meant for a Steam Punk card game. The project was later canceled.


Poster designed for a book signing event.


This children’s card game is turning out to be a lovely art style!

This budding florist wanted something simple and elegant. She picked her element and the rest was history!

One Comment on “Design & Illustration

  1. I’m really excited about my new business logo. It’s exactly what I wanted! O’so simple! O’so elegant!


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