Foreseer Productions is a showcase website for the artist/author Bonnie Watson. Ms. Watson has helped indie authors with book covers for over ten years. In 2017 she started assisting streamers on Twitch with emotes and other design. Ms. Watson does stream as well. Her Twitch name is Bonbon3272. Projects get streamed according to due date. Please be patient as quality is preferred over quickness.

Pricing Varies Per Project

Book Covers: $200 (stock photos only)
Book Covers: $250 – $400 (custom illustration)
All book cover pricing includes Front, Back & Spine, multiple corrections, PDF, JPG, & original PSD files upon request. All pricing is final with no additional fees unless specified. 

Logos: $25-$50
Emotes: $15-$25
Twitch Panels: $15-$50
Twitch Banners: $15-$50
Twitch Package Deal: $50-$150
Illustration/Design/Other: $100-$600